Friday, February 5, 2010

A Picture is All I Can Offer Right Now...

My poor alter ego gets so shafted. While it doesn't get the TLC it deserves, I love it all the same. :)
I wanted to add this picture, because I think I forgot it last time. It was taken at Sheila's house in Montauk and I love it. There are so many layers to this picture for me.
First, I believe my positive affirmations have fallen off for good, fallen into the fire so to speak. It was difficult, and somewhat of a pain, but that's not why. Without going into crazy ass details, life is not easy right now. This not working thing, for a workaholic, is.... well it sucks! And, I can say all the positive shit in the world, but the fact is, life in the Mele Cotte household is not so positive. Baking is really the only thing that is keeping me sustained. And, even that is questionable because my some health issues are causing some serious energy deficiency and haphazard motor functions. I proceed with the same each day. I get up....which is huge - as sad as that sounds. Right now, its all I have to give.
But, the picture is calming, as the time in Montauk was a good thing. At the same time, the picture is also very powerful for me, as it exudes warmth, passion, strength, resilience. These are all characteristics I know I have, they're just a little suppressed right now.

So I am going to leave that picture up for a while and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.