Thursday, November 13, 2008

GM/BlogHer Ride and Drive

The Vue from the Sky gave off an Aura that inspired a positive Outlook on a Saturn driving experience.

I know…I spelled “view” wrong, but only if you didn’t realize I was speaking about the new Saturn crossover with the 169hp, 24liter, 4-cylinder ECOTEC engine with Four Wheel Drive. Yup, car talk. Can you believe it? Me, who fails class when it comes to locating the oil dip stick in my car, but excels on the art of receiving three speeding tickets in 18 months.

Why all the “manly man” car chat? I had the fabulous opportunity of attending the GM/BlogHer Ride and Drive with which I had the chance to (1) drive four different Saturn models, (2) meet a fantastic group of Atlanta-area BlogHers, and (3) hang out with a good friend outside of work on a school night. T and I left school before buses left the parking lot and scurried downtown to the Lobby at TWELVE Atlantic Station®, the location where our test drives were waiting for us, followed by a casual reception with hors d’oeuvres and drinks. (Don’t worry – the drives took place before the libation intake! Silly readers…ha!)

So, the Saturns. The cars I saw Tuesday were not the Saturns I remember from years back when I was looking for my first car. These babies are sweeeeeet! Of course I wanted to drive the Sky, but I was admittedly nervous since my pending court date for my latest speeding ticket is just around the corner. Add one Saturn Sky, a multi-lane, curvy road outside Atlantic Station, and a very nearby highway? The sum might just be some very bright blue lights. Therefore, T did the driving.

17th Street, outside Atlantic Station

We first looked at the Vue Hybrid. It was a nice sized crossover vehicle that was very much like a car, yet looked like an SUV. The best of both worlds, really. It wasn’t overly big or gave a tone of extra room, but was big enough for a small family. And, since its estimated to drive 32MPG, the Vue Hybrid not only has the potential to help the environment but drive long distances at the same time. Pretty cool, I’d say!

T behind the wheel of the Vue.
No pics of me! Just reflections of my legs. hee!!

The Aura was an attractive sedan that was noted to manage 22-33MPG, depending on city or highway. The interior was nice, as it wasn’t so techy that some technologically-impaired folks would shy away from. The radio was digital, but that’s it. It had an old-school-type odometer, complete with MPG and arrow, which I prefer.

The Aura. Elegant looking, wouldn't you say?

The Outlook? If T could have kept going on the test drive, I think she would have and not blinked an eye. Love is not quite accurate enough an emotion to describe my friend behind the wheel of this SUV. In fact, the Outlook made it into almost every conversation on the drive home, in the “I’m home” follow up phone call, and at morning breakfast duty at work. “Good morning, children! Chris, How can I get an Outlook?” “Good morning gentleman, pull your pants up please. Chris, maybe if I am real nice and do extra around the house.” It was quite humorous, really, making the day go by quite quickly.

Adjusting the seats

Getting the 411

Is this a navigation screen, or what?!?!

I am so pleased I decided to RSVP to the BlogHer event. While the car part was a ton of fun, and T and I had a lot of laughs as she adjusted to driving something much larger than her vehicle and I played with the navigation system and radio, I met a lot a great people I wouldn’t have had I not attended. My blogging has been so wrapped up in my own foodie niche and Mele Cotte; we represented various personalities and ages, all areas of the Metro area, and various genres of blogs. When I visit their blogs, there will be so much more value in what I am reading now that I know the face behind the words. I can’t wait to read what the other BlogHer girls had to say about it.